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New York Divorce Lawyer & Long Island Appeals Attorney

Attorney J. Douglas Barics maintains a law office in Commack Suffolk County, New York, concentrating in divorce, appeals, and matters related to family law, including estates, probate and foreclosure defense, constructive trusts, and other equitable remedies.

New York Divorce Attorney Supreme and Family Court

New York Divorce and Family Law

If you are seeking a lawyer to represent you in an ongoing divorce, to appeal your divorce, or if you need additional information about divorce and matrimonial law, you'll find many answers here. This web site is designed to assist lawyers and non-lawyers in developing a better understanding of the complexities and nuances of matrimonial law in New York State.

NY Family Lawyer Services

The Law Office of J. Douglas Barics handles all aspects of matrimonial litigation, including appeals, motions, discovery, depositions, and trials. As many real life problems people face don't fit neatly into the domestic relations law, Mr. Barics practices in areas closely related to family law matters, such as foreclosure defense and other equitable remedies. Mr. Barics practices mainly in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens, but may accept qualified cases in New York County, The Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland and Orange Counties.

New York Appeals

The Law Office of J. Douglas Barics handles civil appeals involving complex litigation. Mr. Barics appellate practice is far more than simply writing briefs; an in depth knowledge of appellate procedure allows Mr. Barics to broadens the array of options available in complicated matters. Appeals from cases with a poor record presents a difficult challenge in any appeal, and knowing how to minimize the  affects of a poor record on appeal can mean the difference between winning and losing. Appellate motion practice can prevent appeals from being dismissed on technical grounds, and offer a chance to stay an adverse decision while the appeal is pending. There are many pitfalls for the unwary, and not only can Mr. Barics avoid them when prosecuting an appeal, he has won several appeals by exploiting procedural defects made by the appealing party.

New York Appeals, Divorce and Family Law Information

Our articles cover a broad range of topics, ranging from broad overviews, such as New York Divorce Procedure, and New York Appellate Procedure. Additional articles fill focus on providing details on specific issues commonly encountered, such as child support under DRL 240, spousal maintenance, under DRL 236 B(6), equitable distribution, under DRL 236 B(5), taking an appeal, under CPLR 5515 and CPLR 5701, knowing what may be reviewed an appeal under CPLR 5501, how to cure errors under CPLR 5520 when mistakes are made in taking an appeal, a three part article giving a step by step walkthrough in perfecting an appeal, and how to avoid procedural pitfalls in obtaining stays by knowing the difference between CPLR 5519 and CPLR 2201.

All articles to the extent possible cite relevant statutes and controlling case law, and they provide an excellent starting point for lay people and attorneys alike to understand complex issues.

Matrimonial Statutes and NY Cases

Key cases on New York matrimonial law are made available for review, as are select statutes of the Domestic Relations Law, Family Court Act, Estate Powers and Trusts Law, and Civil Practice Laws and Rules. When read in conjunction with our articles, these cases and statutes will greatly enhance an understanding of current New York divorce and family law.

Divorce and Family Law Forms

Official Court forms are available for downloading, as are IRS forms and publications for people in a divorce or family law proceeding.

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356 Veterans Memorial Highway - Suite 3

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