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Below are various New York court forms including Supreme Court forms, Surrogate's Court forms, sample orders, and IRS forms and publications in pdf format. Adobe Reader is necessary to view them.

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No guarantee is made that the forms are current, and are provided as examples only. Additional and updated forms may be found at the New York State Unified Court System Website.

Supreme Court Divorce Forms

General Divorce and Matrimonial Forms

Uncontested Divorce Package No Children under 21

  • Instructions for Uncontested Divorce Package Instructions Instructions for the New York uncontested divorce package.

  • Summons with Notice Action For Divorce Summons with Notice Summons with Notice

  • Summons Action For Divorce Summons: Summons alone. For use when Summons and Complaint filed.

  • Verified Complaint Action for Divorce Verified Complaint Action for Divorce Verified Complaint in New York Divorce Action.

  • Affidavit of Service Affidavit of Service: Affidavit of service of the summons with notice or summons and complain in a New York Divorce Action.

  • Affidavit of Defendant Affidavit of Defendant Defendant's affidavit consenting to jurisdiction and relief requested by plaintiff.

  • Sworn Statement of Removal to Barriers to Remarriage Sworn Statement of Removal to Barriers to Remarriage Mandatory affidavit by which plaintiff swears to remove any religious barriers to defendant's remarriage.

  • Affidavit of Regularity Affidavit of Regularity Affidavit stating procedural regularity to allow divorce to proceed uncontested.

  • Affidavit of Plaintiff Affidavit of Plaintiff. Affidavit of plaintiff which constitutes the facts under which the court may grant the divorce.

  • Note of Issue Note of Issue Form used to certify a case is ready for trial. Simplified version of the form for an uncontested divorce only.

  • Request for Judicial Intervention RJI Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) Form used to assign a judge to a case. Simplified version of the form for an uncontested divorce only.

  • Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law Findings of Fact - Conclusions of Law Judicial findings of fact and conclusions of relevant law. The proposed findings and conclusions are submitted by one party on notice to the opposing side.

  • Judgment of Divorce Judgment of Divorce The judgment of divorce dissolves the marriage and grants any other relief. The proposed judgment is submitted by one party on notice to the other side.

  • Part 130 Certification Part 130 Certification Form which a party or attorney swears the underlying document being submitted is not frivolous.

  • Notice of Entry Notice of Entry Notice of the date a judgment or order is entered with the County Clerk.

  • Certificate of Dissolution Certificate of Dissolution Form filed with New York State which records the dissolution of the marriage.

  • Court Notification Court Notification Form used to notify the attorney or pro se party that a judgment has been signed.

  • Income Deduction Order Income Deduction Order Court order which directs support payments be deducted by an employer and made directly to the payee.

  • Notice of Settlement Notice of Settlement Has nothing to do with a case being settled; settlement refers to being signed by the court. This is the form used to give notice to the opposing side when submitting proposed orders or judgments to the court to be signed following a stipulation or decision.

Surrogate's Court Forms





IRS Forms and Publications

Other web sites with various forms

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